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RE: [aymara] Aymara and Western Culture

>The history of Logos is potentially interesting

>To begin, it would seem that the founders Bud Scott and 
>Charlie Byrne, and their first workers, belonged to a "Jesuit
>sect" that lived on a "commune" somewhere near Middletown,
>New York, USA.  Presumably their primary motivation was
>to support missionary work.

>Another popular machine-translation group, Globalink, _may_ 
>have connections to Georgetown University (again Jesuit).
>Again, corrections and more information would be welcome.
>Very early MT work at Georgetown also led to the Systran MT system.

And did not Ludovico Bertonio happened to be a JESUIT
himself? And, of course, his work on Aymara was
developed on a misionary basis.

It must be a Jesuitic conspiration :)