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Re: [aymara] Prophetic Aymaras travel of Lehi to America and their language.

> > Anyway the families sailed and landed  on the west
> > coast of South America
> How can be that area so accurately located? I
> don't think the Book of Mormon says "they
> landed on the west coast of South America".
> What is the method Mormons used to reach to
> such conclusion from the text?
> > I believe in the area of Northern Chile  ( will have
> > to look that up to be sure)
> Please, look it up.
"Discourses of the Prophet Joseph Smith" 
deseret book, Salt Lake City UT  1977 ISBN 0-87747-067-7  Page 269 
Lehi's Travels-Revelation to Joseph the Seer
" The course that Lehi and his company traveled from Jerusalem to the place of their destination:  They traveled nearly a south, southwest direction until they came to the nineteenth degree of north latitude; then, nearly east to the Sea of Arabia, then sailed in a southeast direction, and landed on the continent of South America, in Chile, thirty degrees south latitude  ( Richards and Little, op.cit., p272)"
(answers my personal question of how he knew,  was by revelation not by reading it on some other gold plate yet un translated as I had mused earlier.)
a personal note.  this ONLY holds water assuming one believes Joseph was a prophet,  of course there is no "scientific" or tangible fact of this I am aware of at this date.  I don know there is lots of conjecture and circumstantial evidence to the concept however is several books.
However,  in my photo copy of my book Copacabana de los Incas   
Plaza hermanos, Editores  Papeleria y Liberia . Calle, Ayacucho, 12 y 14
page 12 under the heading "Idea del Libro"
states " 1st. Las naciones y gentes sudamericnas, desciened de los Afros venidos antes de Jesucristo nuestro Salvador, desde el Egipto, de heliopolis y de Ramses"\
2nd. En vida de los Aposloles de Christo de ha predicado su Santo Evangelio en todos y en cada uno de los pueblos de toda esta America;
3rd.  Han existido entre las Provincias alto-Peruanas, pueblos y ciudades con sus monumentos clasicos, hasta el ano 666 en que tuvo lugar la erupcion simultanea de varios volcanes, en sete Nuevo-Mundo, causando grandes ruinas, como se ven desde el Brasil hasta el Canada e Illinois;
4th.  Los Incas inciaron su dinsatia en los mismos anos gue los Mexicanos los Beraugas, los Panataguas y los Chinitaguas Estados descubiertos por el mismo Cristobal Colon, en su 2nd Viaje al Nuevo- Continente el ano 1493 y despues reconocidos y colonizados por el Vascuense Nuez de Balboa, auien descubrio tambien el Grande Oceano el dis 26 de Setiemb. de 1513. 
5th los intis o Incas; es decir Hijos del Sol y principes Sacerdotes y legisadores, fureon oriundos del collao y fundadores de la Monarquia Peruana, el ano 888 de la Era-cristiana.
> > genealogies and 3. to preserve their LANGUAGES.  I find that last one
> > interesting in light of the ongoing discussion of the perfect language
> > question here in this discussion.
> But if they came from Jerusalem, they should
> have talked Hebrew (or Aramaic, depending on what
> period we are talking about)
> > > I keep on thinking they should have talked Hebrew  :-)
Book of Mormon page 1 chapter 1 of the first book of Nephi verse 2  " Yea, I make a record in the language of my father, which consists of the learning of the jews and the language of the Egyptians"
1st nephi chapeter 5 verse 14  "and it came to pass that my father Lehi, also found upon the plates of brass a genealogy of his fathers; wherefore he knew that he was a descendant of joseph who was the son of jacob, who was sold into egypt."
The brass plates are some of the plates I referenced in a discussion earlier to get the genealogy, commandments and language.  They are the Brass plates that king Laben possessed.  Nephi and his brothers returned to the city of their origin to retrieve the plates after they had first fled to the wilderness.
I have a recollection that either somewhere in the Book of Mormon or some other statement of Joseph Smith possibly, there is a statement that the engravings on the plates are a "reformed Egyptian"    I will see if I can find these references for you also...

to those looking for tangible hard evidence this is just hearsay but it just fits so fully with what we believe I can not ignore it. 
I have for very short bursts of time attempted to read ( translate HA! not with my linguistics ability!)  the book Copabana De los Incas.  It is written with vocabulary and old Spanish I do not understand.  It is some 550 pages long but I would love to know what it says in detail. 
again please excuse my typos and ramblings and inability to place tildas and accent marks in correct locations.  It should stillmake the point without them I hope.