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RE: [aymara] Prophetic Aymaras travel of Lehi to America and their language.

>However,  in my photo copy of my book Copacabana de los Incas
>Plaza hermanos, Editores  Papeleria y Liberia . Calle, Ayacucho, 12 y 14

>states " 1st. Las naciones y gentes sudamericnas, desciened de los Afros
venidos antes de >Jesucristo nuestro Salvador, desde el Egipto, de
heliopolis y de Ramses"\

This was a widely spread opinion that
couldn't be backed by a single evidence.
The first Spanish priests comming to
Peru in the 16th century, began to try
to explain the origin of the native
people they found. They tried to identify
the biblical patriarchs we descent from.
They also thought on migrations from
the Old World, semitic peoples, etc.
well, they imagined all that could be
imagined. Your quotation above seems a
product of that thinking.

>2nd. En vida de los Aposloles de Christo de ha predicado su Santo Evangelio
en todos y en >cada uno de los pueblos de toda esta America;

Well, during the Spanish Colonia, it was widely accepted
that some of the apostles had preached in Perú.
Take a look at "Tradiciones Peruanas" by Ricardo Palma,
a genuine classic peruvian literature book (some
traditions gathered by Palma do support this view).
I think that Thomas was referred as one of these

>3rd.  Han existido entre las Provincias alto-Peruanas, pueblos y ciudades
con sus monumentos >clasicos, hasta el ano 666 en que tuvo lugar la erupcion
simultanea de varios volcanes, en >sete Nuevo-Mundo, causando grandes
ruinas, como se ven desde el Brasil hasta el Canada e >Illinois;

First notice!  :-)

>Book of Mormon page 1 chapter 1 of the first book of Nephi verse 2  " Yea,
I make a record in >the language of my father, which consists of the
learning of the jews and the language of the >Egyptians"

>I have a recollection that either somewhere in the Book of Mormon or some
other statement of >Joseph Smith possibly, there is a statement that the
engravings on the plates are a "reformed >Egyptian"    I will see if I can
find these references for you also...

It's my opinion but, if sons of Lemen (whose suppossed
descent are we amerindians) spoke the same language
than Nephri, that is "the language of the egiptians".
Shouldn't we suppossed to speak some kind of
egiptian-like language in the Americas, some kind
of lexical basis in native languages, some kind of
grammatical resemblance with egiptian in native languages?