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RE: [aymara] Preguntas

Hi, Laura, ... finally, I finished the reading of your message ... uf, uf,
bbut if you think that Omar resume "is just kind of organized inquiry we
need" ...
why are your messages so long? :-)

(Utilizo mi lamentable english-ñol por deferencia y para mostrarle a Alex
cuanto peor es mi english-ñol que su inglés por más que el lo califique con


Your have stated twice or more "that english makes lying easier than telling
the truth" :-) but definitively I am not sure to have understood the joke

>The only country that bombs indiscriminately at will whether the rest
> of the United Nations agree or not, and with deadly depleted uranium,
> is the United States of America.  So we have a new expression, "problem
> states" or some such.  But none the whole megillah corresponds to any
objective truth.

But this is independent of speaking english, no? (Si fuera así estaría
de tener un inglés tan lamentable y ya no me molestaría en mejorarlo :-)

>Oh yes, Latin is also a rather less poetically beautiful language than
>and Russian but nevertheless very lucid for the expression of truth.

Why I can't accept this statemet without proof. Poetry highly subjective and
independent of language structure. I have read poetry in diverse languages
I think metaphor is highly possible without using highly specific language
>Going on to Second version: Languages determine the way in which we
>categorize the world.  Not quite, I would say, Omar.

You can see a celebrated experiment performed amog Zuñi speakers
(monolingual / bilingual in english) at:


as you will see eficiency in memory storage is conditioned by oppositions
in the languages currently spoken.