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Re: [aymara] Preguntas

Hi David!  Laura here.  Thank you for being my very patient friend, sorry to
make it so hard for you.  Basically I plead guilty to much of what you
said - although I can't agree entirely, but then I think disagreement is
healthy, this is how we get to the bottom of things.  I checked out the site
you mentioned, did not have time to follow all the links, but of course the
Sapir quote being in English I read it.  In general I really am not on
Sapir's wave length at all, although I am now somewhat interested in his
work in Indian languages.  My own personal experience is such that I can't
really agree with what he says about our language shaping our perspective of
reality, because I purposefully and effectively dropped out of the culture I
was born into at the age of 7 and I don't think anyone who knows me would
say I have been shaped by North American language or culture.  North
Americans don't notice, but then they don't notice much of anything, the
United States has got to be the most dumbed down country in the world, but
non-Americans of all stripes are always telling me I'm not like an American.
But I am willing to accept that Aymara are shaped by their marvelous
language - because I hold that there is such a thing as truth and that some
languages are more apt at expressing it than others and that Aymara is very
near the top of the list.  And maybe if someone would read Latin poetry with
a Spanish accent it might sound better than it did the way I learned it.
Love and friendship, L  PS Your English is quite good, actually, but since
it is your second language I understand you can't skim over my long winded
dissertations and get the gist.  Sorry, hopefully I won't in future have so
much to say.
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> Hi, Laura, ... finally, I finished the reading of your message ... uf, uf,
> ...
> but if you think that Omar resume "is just kind of organized inquiry we
> need" ...
> why are your messages so long? :-)