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Re: [aymara] Preguntas

hello,, I would like to share some oppinions about language molding people

I purposefully and effectively dropped out of the culture I
> was born into at the age of 7

I grew up in America till I was ten, when my father took me back to Peru to
meet my Aymara family,,, my grandmother dosn't speak spanish, and so I
learned Aymara, and the other side to my blood and culture.
North America is one side of my mind,,, very analitical, almost to a fualt,
and I don't want to say anal, but english definetely puts brain cramps in my
head because of the overspeed proccesing of millions of technological
stimulus that routinely scrubs our gringo brains.

my Aymara side is creative,,, ample mental space,,,,  aymara has no
distinction between time and space,,, they are the same,, that says a lot
about a cultures perception of the world, compare that to western culture,,,
we have smaller particles of seconds,,, split seconds.    Aymara is eternal,
a very ancient mood to words and the frameworks they fit in.  not much room
for the braincramping over analization of the western mind.

> Americans don't notice, but then they don't notice much of anything, the
> United States has got to be the most dumbed down country in the world,

I agree, and that to me is language molding culture,,, I can be really angry
and vent all my  anger in spanish using half the bad language i would need
to use in english, thats because spanish is more fluid,, musical,,, and it
Shows in the cultura Latina,,,, they are more free, carefree, musical,,,
americans are more reserved and worried, Aymaras are just Older

over my long winded> dissertations ,,,

to me long winded dissertations are a sign of good old western
overanalization,,, no offense Laura,,, I do it all the time,,,, I was RAISED
that way,,,, saludos,,, suma aromtasina take chuima listan jake  ,, Aymar