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[aymara] Opportunities

Hi everyone! I just snail mailed this along with the mentioned enclosures to the indicated recipients. I am sure we will have some very good results. Does anyone know any Chiapas Indians with whom we could work similarly? I understand their problem is that they are protesting NAFTA. But it is tremendously unlikely that NAFTA is going to be rolled back, the needed correction is for them to have a way to plug into North American prosperity as I propose below for the Aymara, so that they will find NAFTA helpful rather than a threat. With the 3 top billionaires pulling with us, the sky’s the limit, so please send me any leads. And you see, Aymar, you shouldn’t dismiss analysis across the board just because the experience you have had with it has been so negative. Analysis is not good or bad per se, it just needs to be used in the right way for the right things. If we don’t do this, neither will we ourselves change for the better, nor will we change the world for the better – which is what our job is at this time. I mean, you don’t think God is going to put all this money at our disposal so we can take pride in it or something, do you? I we did that, he would take it away faster than he let it come to us. Love to all - Laura


From Laura Jones

Subject Condor I balloon

Date Wednesday, March 07, 2001

To Lorenzo Fritz, Ted Turner, George Soros, Bill Gates

Enclosed is the photocopy of the article on the balloon for viewing the remarkable huge figures on the ground on the Nazca Plain that I promised you. >From this you can see how exciting, informative, and very beautiful a video can be made on this.

The article itself might be used as a starting point, it is certainly significant that although the Chinese knew about hot air balloons – they never built one that could put a person up in the air! While the "far earlier engineers of the Nazca culture of Peru" apparently succeeded in doing this.

A section of the video could be on the figures themselves – I have learned from my reading that they represent celestial bodies which appear in this area. Since these are somewhat different from ours, and we see them as representing different things – I understand, for instance, that the spider is the constellation we call Orion – this would be truly fascinating.

They we have the balloon itself. The fabric must be woven, so a section could be on how the Aymara people weave their fabric – this is featured on the eagleandcondor page I recommended to you, and it is very interesting and colorful plus the young girl doing the weaving is very pretty, indeed. Definitely an asset. Then there is that gondola of reeds from Lake Titicaca holding the passengers. In another of my books I have a picture of a man, "an indigenous Aymara Indian of Suriqi Island" – in Lake Titicaca. Actually, a video in itself could be made about Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, with of course all kinds of exotic and unusual species of marine biology – and spectacularly beautiful. Perhaps some of the native lore about it, how it has been regarded by the indigenous people as the place of creation, could be brought in. Certainly you will want to show one of the reed boats on the lake itself, my book has an exquisite picture of an Aymara Indian navigating the lake, and it refers back to the identical boat design used by the Egyptians, although they used papyrus, which does not grow on Lake Titicaca, but the Aymara do just as well or better with totora reeds. The book has a great deal of very interesting information, this is the one by Graham Hancock done together with his wife Santha Faiia who is a marvelous photographer. I have photocopied the title page for you and I suggest the billionaires ask their staff to order this book for them from Amazondotcom. I thought of sending it to you all myself, but my husband would I think be upset, I overdrew my credit card recently, and he lowered the cap. You won’t be sorry – after you have read all the fascinating things and made the video and probably more, the book itself is very nice for the living room coffee table. (If you want to use it this way, I suggest you tell Amazon you want the hard cover edition, I had this but gave it to someone, and when I ordered another copy for myself, they sent me paper back.) I totally disagree with Graham’s contention that the "lost civilization" was gnostic or any such thing, but you don’t have to pay attention to that, and his factual material is both amazing and very exciting. And so beautiful! We really don’t have that much beauty in our country, I was looking at a picture of your house, Mr. Gates, just before I started writing this, and it looks like a huge, overblown version of the kind of shacks they threw up for us at summer camp. I mean, it has some nice trees in front that hide at least some of it, and it’s on the water, but beautiful it’s not. Whereas the ancient peoples documented in this book really cared for beauty. I myself live in a very beautiful house, it was remodeled by some Syrian people who lived in Milford, another house they built which is just a short block from here has signed blueprints indicating that their architect was William Van Allen, who did the Chrysler Building in New York – I see the Chrysler Building is changing hands, although it says it will still be used by the same people. Now, that’s the kind of building I would like to have an office in if I had to have an office job. Anyhow, I guess they didn’t make blueprints for our house because it was being remodeled not built from scratch, but those Syrians – and in fact most people other than North Americans - really know how to appreciate what is beautiful.

But, Mr. Gates, even if you don’t have very good taste, nevertheless you could make a contribution to this venture I am suggesting, because the videos will be very big sellers, especially now that the computers are all coming to have DVD capability, and they will definitely swell that already so substantial personal fortune of yours.

And please give Jennifer and Rory a hug and a kiss for me, they were mentioned in the article about how cramped your growing family is in your 7 bedroom, 9 bathroom "digs" as they call it in Newsweek. I have 7 children and 22 grandchildren, the youngest born just last month – and on the birthday of her cousin who is a special favorite with her family. Rose is her name, isn’t that beautiful? And say hi to Melinda for me, tell her I really pity her in that cavernous barn that still isn’t big enough for all of you. My grandmother used to have an expression when we would pass by houses like that: "beggar sitting on a bag of gold" – then she would wink.