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RE: [aymara] Aymara Book of Mormon

> From: "Alex C." <lista2@iname.com>

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> De: "Ken Beesley" 
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> Enviado: jueves, 22 de marzo de 2001 20:49
> Asunto: [aymara] Aymara Book of Mormon
> > I now have the Aymara Book of Mormon.  It uses the old CALA orthography.
> > For now, it's impossible for me to tell how good a job they did.
> Yeah, I noticed the "Mormonan Kellkatapa" title 
> on the cover. I guess that an script could be
> easily written to "translate" CALA into Unified
> or Yapita ortography.

I have a first draft of a perl script cala2unico.pl, which is
intended to perform the conversion to Alfabeto Unico.  I'll send
a copy to Alex, who seems interested.  Anyone else who wants
a copy can email me privately.

> Just a question. How much did they charged for
> shipping? Two bucks seem too cheap even to me.

A lot.  I ordered both a Zulu and an Aymara Book of Mormon,
each US$2.00, but the shipping and handling charge to France
was US$34.88
They arrived fast by air mail, so I don't think that the shipping
and handling is an intentional rip-off.  The Church Distribution 
Center just doesn't seem to offer any cheaper form of delivery
via their website.  US$2.00 is cheap, obviously subsidized,
and you could get the Book of Mormon in various languages for that 
price if you bought it across the counter.


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