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Re: [aymara] hymns try #3

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From: "Alex Condori" <lista2@iname.com>
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Sent: Monday, March 26, 2001 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: [aymara] hymns try #3

> [Alex Condori]
> it's very possible that the attachment is too "heavy"
> for the list. It's also possible that my email
> does not admit big attachemments.

Jorge A. sent a note that mail with attachments too large are need a warning
sent to him before sending.  This is what I thought must be too....

> [Alex Condori]
> Well, you actually tried, Don. We all have seen it  :)

I really try to keep my promises.  Just busy ( 5 sons, a business, church
position, community involvement,  whew....)   I will keep experimenting with
OCR but looks like will do most or all manually as time allows,  I would
really like to send the music too and I do have both English and Spanish
translations for each so will see what I can get to you some way...

> I normally use a very poor OCR program. That's enough
> to fit my needs. Its output is rather inaccurate,
> so I make post-edition by hand to fix the numerous
> typos I get in the program's output. I never used
> textbridge but I can see the difficulties in dealing
> with music notation and lyrics together in the
> same sheet. Yes, jpeg is very large. I'd try to
> choose the monochrome-scanning option to get shorter
> outputs. Get rid of the music if you can. Dealing
> with only text is very much easier to handle
> for OCR programs (I'm afraid I'm too obvious)

Too Obvious?  no nor for me..... I do appreciate your suggestions.  scanning
is new to me.  I have pretty good history with computers in general but
scanning and the various formats are very new to me...

I am quite serious if electronic means will not work out to mail to you
copies of all thee languages with music.....

> [Don Asay]
> ...
> [Alex Condori]
> Just lovely. Tell me. Is the music 100% mormon?

Some of it is unique to us and as you suggest below.  some is shared with
minor modifications as you note.

I am a child of God is unique to us and a "modern" hymn, actually a Childs
hymn, I included it in one of the first tries as it is one of my favorites.

> You know that most protestant churches share
> a common musical corpus comming mainly from the lutheran
> and methodist traditions. In this way you can
> listen to the same hymns sung by diferent
> denominational groups, sometimes with modified
> lyrics, sometimes not. If you know the
> original title in english, it would be easy for
> me to get the music.
Will include english titles on any new ones send.

> [Don Asay]
> by the way,  I am curious.  you and ken had had the following re:
> orthography can you tell me more regarding orthography and what
> there are. I know little of this and am quite curious.
> [Alex Condori]
> Well, there are several orthographies for the Aymara language.
> The Book of Mormon is written using the CALA, that is
> widely related to religious texts, not just the mormon ones.
> There was (and maybe there is) a certain resistance from
> the church environment to abandon the CALA orthography
> to adopt the Unified one. The orthography fights are
> real ideological confrontations that go beyond what is
> considered linguistics.

I think I understand..... I remember when "we" were first translating the
Book of Mormon,  there was great concern over how it was written.  Many
people even in English criticize the "old English" translations of the Bible
and Book of Mormon but the Church really resists any change to more "
modern" translations.

> I personally use an hybrid between Yapita and Unified
> orthographies, that asume the phonemic nature of
> a suitable alphabet for the Aymara language.
> You can find a magnific comparative table of the different
> orthograpies in
> http://aymara.org/arusa/qillqa_eng.html

Thanks for the link.  I am interested!

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