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RE: [aymara] hymns try #3

Hey, Don. Finally I retrieved the file
you tried to send from


Yeah, it's big, more than 1Mb. Some
guidelines that could be useful:

(1) When scanning text or drawings,
try to choose the Monochrome output.
It will save tons of bytes, believe me.
(The file you sent had a 16-million-color
pallette, too heavy)

(2) Do not set the maximum scanning
resolution when it is not necessary.
You better test the same image
with different resolutions to find
the MINIMUM resolution that gives
an acceptable quality. The higher the
resolution you set, the better the
quality you get (the more Xerox-like
appearance it achieves) and the bigger
your file becomes. You can lower the
quality and get shorter outputs.
(your image was 1906*2966 pixels
but with 500*778 you also have a
fully readable image that is infinitely
less heavy)

(3) JPG format is not very suitable
for B&W texts or drawings in medium/low
resolution. TIFF format images are better
for this pourpose.

I'm not sure, but I think JPG only
works with a minimum of 16-million
colors. GIF and TIFF, on the contrary,
can handle very short color-depths
(thus saving a lot of space).

I hope you find this helpful.



PS: I made a tiny MIDI file that
contains the music of <<"Ch´uxña
Qulluxa Utjiwa>> It's just 2.07Kb
big, so I send it attached for
those curious guys that want to
listen to a genuine mormon hymn.

Attachment: himno1.mid
Description: audio/mid