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Re: [aymara] hymns try #3

WOW! Alex, is there anything you CAN'T do?  You really amaze me!  thanks for
the help in scans,  I want to learn more about how to do them and what the
numerous formats are good for...  they music is great too and so fast!

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From: "Alex Condori" <lista2@iname.com>
To: <aymaralist@aymara.org>
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 3:51 PM
Subject: RE: [aymara] hymns try #3

> Hey, Don. Finally I retrieved the file
> you tried to send from
> ftp://ftp.aymara.org/pub/hill-aymara.jpg
> Yeah, it's big, more than 1Mb. Some
> guidelines that could be useful:
> (1) When scanning text or drawings,
> try to choose the Monochrome output.
> It will save tons of bytes, believe me.
> (The file you sent had a 16-million-color
> pallette, too heavy)
> (2) Do not set the maximum scanning
> resolution when it is not necessary.
> You better test the same image
> with different resolutions to find
> the MINIMUM resolution that gives
> an acceptable quality. The higher the
> resolution you set, the better the
> quality you get (the more Xerox-like
> appearance it achieves) and the bigger
> your file becomes. You can lower the
> quality and get shorter outputs.
> (your image was 1906*2966 pixels
> but with 500*778 you also have a
> fully readable image that is infinitely
> less heavy)
> (3) JPG format is not very suitable
> for B&W texts or drawings in medium/low
> resolution. TIFF format images are better
> for this pourpose.
> I'm not sure, but I think JPG only
> works with a minimum of 16-million
> colors. GIF and TIFF, on the contrary,
> can handle very short color-depths
> (thus saving a lot of space).
> I hope you find this helpful.
> Saludos
> Alex
> PS: I made a tiny MIDI file that
> contains the music of <<"Ch´uxña
> Qulluxa Utjiwa>> It's just 2.07Kb
> big, so I send it attached for
> those curious guys that want to
> listen to a genuine mormon hymn.


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