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The so-called 'Aymara altiplanico', or simply Aymara, is an Andean language spoken by one million and six hundred thousand people round the area that surrounds Lake Titicaca. More precisely, according to the last censuses taken in Bolivia, Chile (1992) and Peru (1993), there are 1.237.658 Bolivian speakers of Aymara, 296.465 Peruvian speakers, and 48.477 Chilean speakers of the language. From the 19th. century onwards some researchers, such as Antonio Raymondi, Sebastian Barranca and Julio C. Tello have come to believe in the linguistic kinship between Jaqaru and Kawki (the last of these being spoken at the time, in several of the high plateau regions round Lima) and the Aymara spoken on the Titicaca plateau. It was the linguistic research carried out by Marta J. Hardman during the 1960s that provided strong supporting evidence for this hypothesis. Hardman was able to show that the Aymara spoken on the Titicaca plateau, Jaqaru, and Kawki, belong to the same family of languages, to which she gave the name Jaqi. Independently, Alfredo Torero, came to name this family Aru. Recently, Rodolfo Cerron Palomino, proposed that it be given the name Aymara. Cerron Palomino's argument rests on the need to find a pattern of symmetry, regarding the terminology applied to Aymara language and in relation to the Quechua family, for which names such as simi were discarded as unacceptable. In these first years of the 21st. century, according to information that we have, we can say with great affliction, that Kawki might already be extinct; while Jaqaru spoken round Tupe (Yauyos), by only a few thousand Tupi people, most of whom are living in the city of Lima, faces the fate of its own agonising death. This in turn makes us think, that within one or two generations Jaqaru, daughter language in the Aymara family, will also come to be one of the extinct languages of the world.
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