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RE: [aymara] Aymara and Western Culture

"Ken Beesley" <Ken.Beesley@xrce.xerox.com>

> > And did not Ludovico Bertonio happened to be a JESUIT
> > himself? And, of course, his work on Aymara was
> > developed on a misionary basis.
> > 
> > It must be a Jesuitic conspiration :)
> Alex,
> You're joking, of course, but I really didn't mean to imply 
> that there was anything like a conspiracy.

Yes indeed, I was joking. In fact, I have nothing
against the Sons of Loyola. And what is more,
I acknowledge the huge language-related work they
did all over the Americas. Most early native grammars 
in the Spanish America had jesuitic authorship.

> I'm from a religious background myself (Mormon) and I worked
> for a company (ALPS, later ALPNET) that, though quite secular itself, 
> grew out of an earlier machine-translation project at Brigham Young 
> University that had definite religious motivation.

Did not the Brigham Young University develop a
proficiency test on aymara for foreigners, or 
something alike?

> So I am sincerely interested in religious motivations behind
> a variety of machine-translation projects.

Well, perhaps we are far from reliable Bible
machine-translations yet (I think that a man-made
Book of Mormon translation is available in
Aymara, am I right?)