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RE: [aymara] Aymara and Western Culture

> In reply to book of Mormon translation in Aymara,  Yes is the answer, at
> least in part.  I was serving as a missionary in the altiplano of Bolivia(
> Achicachi) while portions of the Book of Mormon were being translated by
> fellow missionaries and later published before I came home  ( Oregon)
> September 1978.  The translation was very arduous and a very serious
> undertaking by hand with much personal "research" in the form of
> with very old Aymaristas to seek out "correct form and grammar expressions
> etc." in old aymara form.  I brought back home a copy of that book.  I do
> not know if the translation was ever completed on the whole book however.

I'd love to know such translation. We are not very plenty of
written texts in aymara.

> I was taught Aymara in LaPaz.

Certainly? Is there any institution that teaches it?

Since you seem to be a LDS (a Mormon, for outsiders),
I'd like to cast a question in the air, you don't
have to answer if you don't want to: What is
the position we aymaras have in the history of the
Americas, according to the latter-saints view?