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Re: [aymara] Book of Mormon (was: Aymara & Western Culture)

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Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2001 10:10 AM
Subject: [aymara] Book of Mormon (was: Aymara & Western Culture)

> Kamisasktasa, jilata Don
> > I will see if I can locate a source of a copy,  Are you in Bolivia or ?
> I'm afraid I'm living thousands of kilometers away from Bolivia.
> I live in Spain. Thanks anyway. Unfortunately, maybe you cannot
> do much to help me.

Wow Espana!   how do you know of Aymara?  Visits?  Studies?

did you find the church web page in one of my notes?  www.lds.org   a copy
can be purchased for $2.00. after entering the page use the search to find
Aymara, it will take you to the correct page to put it in your shopping
cart.  I know they do not charge for shipping in the US but honestly have no
idea how they handle international orders.  Possibley the LDS Mission home
in your area could help you out.  They can provide a copy in spanish no
problem and should  be albe to order a copy in Aymara for you if you can not
do it directly.  Yes, there is a post in this group that be careful about
giving out your address to the mormons as they will likely pay  you a visit.
Yes this is true.... but consider the fact that if someone is seeking out a
copy, then would it not usually follow that they may have questions or want
to know more? Is logical no?   Also we as moromons respect other religions
and individual persons desires.  We would love to share what we believe with
whoever desires it but honestly have no desire to conquer or bible bash with
anyone.  We do go away when asked.... :-)

> > We
> > had free copies for those who wanted them in our apartments and at the
> > Mission office in LaPAz.
> Do you think copies are available in Puno (Peru)? that's
> an aymara-speaking area.

Good question.  When I served in Boilvia 1976-78,  the Bolivian Altiplano
was the only area where we worked and spoke Aymara.  I know there were
Quechua unitn in Peru but not Aymara.  Now 23 years later,  very easily
could be but then again depends on interests in the area.  The Aymara
program in Bolivia came about  because some Aymaristas in ( oh darn I forfot
the town near lake Titicaca) came across a spanish Book OF Moromn and could
read Castillano.  It is told ( early 70's before I arrved there) that the
Aymaristas identified with the history of the B of M and it totally fit
their legands rather completely.  They then sought out the Mission
headquarters in La Paz and requested to be taught and baptized as they
believed it was truly the religion of their forefathers.  Because there were
no Aymara speaking missionaries and the town save one or two could not speak
Cactillano, the town was put off and asked to wait.  This went on for some
time untill the mission could organize and train Aymara speaking
missionaries.  Nearly every person in that town was baptized and joined the
church the month before I arrived in La Paz. Turns out my next to last
companion  was from that town  ( jsut found it in my journal     Huacuyo ).
Anyway the Aymara program was aymara people diriven in the beginning.  It
was requested.  Because of the limited resources for learning and living in
those areas,  it was not pushed by the church at that time unless interest
was shown.

> > into Aymara.  I could probably scan and e-mail those if you wish..
> That sounds a great idea, but don't burn your scan out!  ;-)
don't worry is small and limited.  will try to play with it this week and
see if it will reproduce.  ( life gets in the way sometimes..... so much to